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Which of the following is not included in GG0010 - Prior Device Use *

The Start of Care/Resumption of Care version of GG0130. Self-Care cues the nurse or therapist to include at least one goal. What is true about the established goal.

If the patient’s ability varies during the assessment time frame, you should: *

If your patient has a feeding tube and does not take any food by mouth, you should code the 'eating' section of GG0130 - self-care -relative to the patient's ability to participate in tube maintenance. *

The time-frame for a discharge assessment is: *

Your patient is home alone when you visit. He is able to get to the restroom using his walker and moving very slowly. How would you score the toileting section of GG0170? *

Mrs. Anderson lives with her family in a home that has a single bathroom. After she bathes, her daughter removes the bath bench from the tub so that the rest of the family can bathe comfortably. When Mrs. Anderson is ready to bathe, her daughter replaces the bench and Mrs. Anderson then takes a bath without assistance.. How would you code the bathing section of GG0170? *

Your patient lives in a single story home with four steps leading to the front door and this has been her home since she married in 1952. She rarely goes out but when she does, it is to the MD office where there is an elevator or to church or the store with her family. None of these places has more than a curb or a couple of steps to navigate. On discharge, how would you answer GG0170: O. 12 steps: The ability to go up and down 12 steps with or without a rail. *

Use of assistive device(s) to complete an activity should not affect coding of activities in GG0170

When assessing a patient rolling from right to left, the patient must be laying down. Mrs. Smith must stay at a 30 degree angle to prevent aspiration. How would you code this activity in GG 0170? *

When assessing if the patient can walk 10, 50 or 150 feet in the mobility question, which is true? *

Mr. Novella uses a wheelchair to navigate to his patio since his son built a ramp for him. While in the house, he sits in the wheelchair because he feels supported by the arm and foot rests but walks from room to room using his walker. In the context of OASIS D, question GG0170, does Mr. Novella use a wheelchair?

OASIS D question J1800 asks if a patient has had a fall. What is a fall? *

When a patient loses balance and is falling but is caught by another person prior to hitting the ground, this would be meet the criteria for an intercepted fall and counted in J1800.

Which of the following would be considered a fall according to OASIS D, J1800? *

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