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Unconventional Wisdom

ten questions about OASIS conventions

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John arrives for an admission visit at 10:00 am and leaves the home at noon. For the OASIS questions that reference the 'day of assessment', what does that mean? *

If the patient's ability varies on the day of assessment, what should John document?

A care episode is defined as: *

You should always refer to prior assessments if available to ensure consistency in data.

If a question refers to assistance, what precisely does that mean?

Your patient is able to get up out of bed and stand but after taking a few steps, he needs his wife to come help him get to the kitchen. How would you answer the question about his aility to transfer?

When assessing a patient who has just undergone orthopedic surgery, you should let the physical therapist answer the functional domain questions.

A patient with advanced dementia is able to get off the toilet with continual verbal prompting. Does she require 'assistance'?

If a patient denies pain but you believe that he is merely stoic because he grimaces when he gets up and guards his side, how do you document assessment?

The use of N/A and unknown are to be used whenever possible to minimize Potentially Avoidable Events.

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